Securemedy, Incorporated views its target market as commercial office buildings, residential properties, financial institutions, educational institutes, healthcare facilities, retail outlets, construction sites, and special events. Our services have proven beneficial in such service areas as listed below:

  • Commercial Office Buildings view security guards as property representatives and are often the first point of contact for visiting patrons. Security officers in commercial office settings are known for assuming multiple roles to include emergency medical responder, concierge, public safety, valet, escort, as well as typical security duties.

  • Residential Properties often confront issues with residences, visitors and intruders. Domestic violence, burglary, vandalism, trespassing, drug trafficking, loitering are among the misdemeanors and crimes that warrant the need for security guards. More serious crimes such as kidnapping, rape, shootings and murder have also heightened the need for security services.

  • Financial Institutions by virtue of the monetary and liquid assets serviced and stored in their facilities are exposed to high levels of threat. Customer service, crowd control and security command presence is among the prime functions of security guards assigned to such facilities.

  • Educational Institutions have a responsibility of ensuring the safety of their employees and students, along with the security of the facility. School violence and accidents have been recorded in high school and higher learning institutions. Security guards often play the role of Security and Public Safety Officers.

  • Healthcare Facilities must secure and safeguard their patients, employees, contractors, visitors and vendors. Erratic patient behavior, emotional family and acquaintances of severely injured, critically ill or recently deceased patients are a number of security concerns for a healthcare facility. Security is instrumental in addressing such concerns.

  • Retail Outlets are concerned about deterring theft, reducing pilferage and ensuring safety. Security guards are often utilized as loss prevention agents in retail outlets and crowd control in malls.

  • Construction Sites utilize security guards to prevent unauthorized individuals conducting unlawful activities on isolated properties. Furthermore, security services are utilized to secure high dollar construction materials and equipment.

  • Special Events include ad-hoc incidents, recurring events, emergency situations, or the like. Security guards on hand often facilitate the progress, ensure rapid resolutions and/or minimize unexpected occurrences during important functions. Security guards often serve as crowd control, traffic control, parking valets, emergency responders or concierge for special events.